ESQ is available for tours, concert series, presentations, and themed performances.

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"We bring our experience to every event that we play. We understand that audiences want to be surprised, entertained, and experience something beautiful. That's our job, and that's what we deliver. "

We are madly in love with the music we make, bringing a magnetic energy to every performance and a vibe that is unconventional, unmatched, and unforgettable. Watch as we transform from a classical string ensemble to an electric band that plays hundreds of unique mashups and arrangements, complete with rhythm section, effects pedals, LED lights, and live song request station. Everything we do is designed by us with you in mind. Let us surprise you.. 

We can travel anywhere and produce a show that your audience will never forget. We can accommodate everything from classical chamber music to rock shows, club events to music festivals and beyond.

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“You guys really knocked it out of the park! So immersive with the media playing behind you; loved the way you incorporated current popular favorites like Black Panther with classics like Lord of the Rings. The co-founder of comic con was actually moved to tears while listening to your rendition of Concerning Hobbits, so truly, well done!”


Past performances include MusikFest, Comic Con, and Google. Orchestral parts are available for collaborations with professional ensembles as well as student groups.


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