We have distinguished ourselves in the music industry with a signature style that harnesses the beauty of the traditional string quartet and then completely revolutionizes it. 


From New York's Radio City Hall to Moscow's Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, our musicians have had the privilege to appear alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry: Idina Menzel, Michael Bublé, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Branford Marsalis, Kygo, The Roots, and The Who among them.

Our singular sound is built on years in the business, a passion for innovation, and a love of making music together.

An experience you won't forget.

Only with ESQ.


Electric violin player
Electric violin 1.jpg
Electric viola player
Electric cello player


Prima Donna of the Violin

Favorite Song: Havana

Aisha Dossumova is a world-class musician, concert soloist, and violin professor. Her beautiful sound and flawless technique is the epitome of Elegance.  There is no one better to perform our unique arrangements, which weave together pop, rock, and classical music in surprising ways (i.e. Mozart quotes in Havana!).


Violin, Keyboard, Vocals

Favorite Song: Everybody

Spanish-born Claudia Pellegrini is the bad-ass violinist of the ensemble. Her killer solos will get a room full of people to party with a string quartet like it is a rock band. A versatile multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Claudia is also the ideal violinist to perform our jazz standards and show tunes. Her extensive background in musical theater gives her the confidence and stage presence to lead our string quartet with flair and energy. Check out her page!



Violist, Singer, Ukelele Slinger

Favorite Song: Señorita


Jennifer Boorum is the energizer of the group. When’s she’s not grooving on the viola, she’s fronting the band with her captivating vocals and stage presence. Behind the scenes she partners with Ray to produce our events and develop our signature style.


The Boss*

Favorite Song: GOT Remix

*AKA: The Cable Guy, The Sound Guy, The Beat Dropper, Arranger, Producer

(...and cellist, too!)

Rajli (Ray) Bicolli does it all. From writing all the signature mashups to mixing the beats, he plays a mean cello with his hands and rocks the rhythm machine with his feet.  He runs the show from start to finish and somehow doesn’t break a sweat (even when he does the moonwalk or the limbo while playing the electric cello — no, really, there’s proof).


ESQ is proud to provide exceptional live entertainment for:

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