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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Here at Elegance String Quartet we're always thinking on how to create a wow factor for you next event. Whether it is through our awesome original arrangements, or by amplifying our sound with a state-of-the-art sound system. One of the latest additions to our mix is the awesome rhythm pedals from Singular Sounds, called the BeatBuddy.

BeatBuddy Rhythm Pedals

We are proud to say that we're the first string group to use this technology in our live performances and the reason we love it so much is that it allows us to play with it as if it were a real live drummer. Of course, live drummers are always preferred much more, but the BeatBuddy has it's own character.

Like many string groups in the area, whenever we had a request for Electric string quartet, our go-to option was always to use backing tracks. As I explain in my previous blog entry, these are no ore than karaoke tracks, which by definition lock us into a restricted format. We couldn't change the tempo, the feel of the song, or decide how long to play the verses, choruses, or solos. The track decided everything. Well...that is no longer the case.

Thanks to the awesome features of the BeatBuddy, we can control every aspect of the song. We can start out a song in rock feel and morph seamlessly into a reggae beat, or even beatboxing style! We love performing with it and we love watching the reaction of the people when they hear us play live. Check out this video to hear and see how everything is put together.

Consider adding this awesome feature for your next event when you book us! It is a truly unique sound and will have all your guests grooving with us :)

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