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ESQ in the South Philly Review!

We were so excited to make the cover of the South Philly Review this past summer, with a story about our Park & Neighborhood concert series, which grew out of our desire to spread a little joy during the pandemic and keep making music together.

Please check out the story here on the South Philly Review's website, graciously written by the wonderful Mark Zimmaro, and stay tuned to our next entry for more about a truly beautiful musical friendship that was formed, thanks to our favorite neighborhood newspaper!

Here's a favorite quote, from the tough-to-impress crowd (kids!):

Eight-year-old Natalya Frye sat on the lawn with her parents and became an instant fan of the group.
“I loved how good they were,” Natalya said. “I loved that they did popular songs and a lot of songs I knew.”

We love you, too, Natalya!

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