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Love is LOVE and we are here for it!

We are so honored to be part of the incredible team of vendors over at Equal Dignity Pop Up Nuptials, organized by the beloved celebrant, Alisa Tongg, whose cheerful and inspiring Instagram you need to follow right now! (We <3 you, Alisa!)

From the Equal Dignity homepage:

Equal Dignity Pop Up Nuptials celebrate all families joining in affirming, LGBTQIA+ inclusive, free civil ceremonies. Philly’s top wedding industry vendors donate time and services to give couples a big-budget marriage ceremony at no cost.

Based in Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania, every pop-up event is held in a new location and venue. Couples and guests experience lush floral designs, timeless moments through professional photography and cinematography, and intimate personalized ceremonies. We intentionally collaborate with vendors that work to make their businesses inclusive. We want every person and every family to feel safe and celebrated!

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