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ESQ meets Google HQ

In October of 2019 we were lucky enough to travel out to California and get a glimpse of Google's Headquarters in Silicon Valley (a true grown-up's playground!). We got to pretend we were Google employees for a day and it felt like the equivalent of rolling around in a ball pit and being offered ice cream every hour. The hospitality was through the roof, and we had a blast performing for conference guests at Google for Education. Though we left there full of wonder and contemplating our career paths, we decided to stick with our day jobs. ;) Big

thanks to Mike Schwab for inviting us out after hearing us perform at a corporate event for Dell in Philadelphia. His enthusiasm for our music provided us with this unforgettable opportunity and so many others that followed. One of the best connections we made out there was with Photographer + Videographer Tri Nguyen, who shot this great promo at Google after spending the day before under the Golden Gate Bridge and on the cliffs of Pacifica, CA with us, shooting our music video for Sweet Child O' Mine. See our next blog post for more about that process, and check out Tri's amazing work HERE.

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